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Candidate Testimonials

"I recently received notice that I passed my last ARE exam! I wanted to thank you and NALSA publishing which were instrumental in my success. I found NALSA after only my second test and wish I had from the first. The vignette videos, evaluations and alternates were so effective, they gave me the confidence to move into tests without apprehension, which kept me more relaxed and focus. Terry you were always so responsive when I had a question. Again I can't thank you enough for your help through this challenging process. I would recommend NALSA to any of my candidate colleagues."



"I received my last pass letter back last Wednesday! I am ecstatic and waiting for my license now. I want to thank you and nalsa sooo much for the support, information, and constantly being there as I went through this process. You are the best,Terry and I will never forget what you have done for me. This has been my dream for years!"



"I just wanted to let you know that I received my last PASS letter (SS) this past Friday and I am done. I wanted to thank all of you at Nalsa for all your support and help. Thank you so much for everything! I will always recommend Nalsa. I could not have done passed the ARE without the flashcards, the Dorf videos, the book Solutions, the alternate vignettes (that make your brain think differently) and your emails explaining to me some of the more obscure vignette scenarios. Thanks again. "

N.Almeida, Massachusetts


"I just wanted to thank everyone involved with NALSA! I have passed the ARE! This program was very helpful and I recommend it to anyone who is studying the ARE. I highly recommend Archiflash and the Professor Dorf videos. Thanks again and please continue helping us study."

N.Alvaro, Texas


"I took the BDCS exam and passed it with flying colors. I have taken 4 of the 7 exams and this is by far the most difficult. I feel that the flash cards prepared me for this exam, and I am very happy such a resource is available. I was able to answer the most detailed questions, and I felt confident during the exam that I was doing well. And the result confirms my confidence – I passed! Thank you again for such great flash cards."



"I don't know how I'd have passed my first 6 test vignettes without your book, by the way! Thank you!"



"Thanks for your help with the last section that I needed to pass. My second attempt with your exam prep really helped me pass."



"I passed the ARE specifically structural systems that I took 6 times prior before using NALSA. I believe that your system allowed me to see it clear. Thank you again."



"WooHoo! Worth $240 just to be reminded that the EE needs a door (seriously) - I would have walked in there at 12:30 today and bombed that one, thank you! Also it's good to be reminded to take a closer look. No where in the code does it say the church is to the north, but if I'd taken even a moment to actually look at the site plan, it would have been obvious that north is the only direction the church could be.Thank you, Terry very much, I appreciate your prompt feedback. I wish NCARB were run the same way as NALSA. Cheers."



"I passed SS! That was my last one, so I'm done, though hard to believe. Thank you and all at NALSA for all the great and timely assistance. You made a big difference, and I'll recommend you to anyone I know who is unfortunate enough to be just starting the ARE. Keep up the good work!"

K, Mizani, Oregon


"I passed all the tests on the 1st try. I have since recommended Archiflash to all my intern friends and college professors. I used only the Archiflash cards up until the last week of studying, then got nervous so I peruse some of the sources NCARB recommends. I knew most of the information I looked through and was amazed at just how much I knew from using Archiflash."

N. Godar, California


"Want to thank you again for all the help you offered me over the many months I took the exams. I want you to know I received my license and want to tip my hat to you for all the help. Glad its over."



"Great material. I bought the videos and the flashcards this weekend. They have both been very beneficial in my prep for my next exam. I love the program that runs the flashcards!"



"Keep up the good work assisting all of "us" out there!"

C.Giphart, CO


"I just wanted to thank you and the staff at Nalsa. I passed my exam! I know it was because of your help when I was preparing. Thank you so much!"

D. Winters


"Archiflash- fabulous, extraordinary, informative and unambiguous. Prof. Dorf Videos- truly de-mystifying. Worth every single penny."

L. Maron, Virgina


"I cannot express how much I appreciate your help, and knowledge. You have taken some extra time to assist me, and with the tools available, I really think I can accomplish the task at hand. Just having someone to consult will make a tremendous difference for me. Thanks."

P.Douglass, CA


"I have really benefited from the use of Archiflash. IF ONLY the Kaplan books were as up-to-date & helpful! Great format with thorough explanations!"

B. Appleton, Texas


"I want to send a note of thanks to NALSA publishing. I purchased the Professor Dorf video for Building Planning and several vignette grading reviews. I passed my exam, and I know it was do to the video and the grading critique's I received. I think every candidate should purchase the vignette video and grading critique's. They really brought another perspective to the approach to this exam that I had not looked at. I am very grateful for your help and cannot thank you enough."

S. White, MD


"Thanks again for all your help and support. You've been great through this process; I really appreciate your help."

N. Almeida, MA


"Just wanted to let you know that I got my license a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to thank you for your help in answering the numerous questions I had asked during my studies."



"NALSA, Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for providing the service's that you do. I have passed all my graphic exams. I am sure that I would have been taking them several times each if it were not for the exceptional lectures provided by professor Dorf. Thank you for getting them ready and providing them during a time that must have been very difficult for all of you. I also used Archiflash for the multiple choice divisions. I hope you will continue providing the services you do, your helping generations of students see things a little differently and a little more clearly than before your materials are viewed."

C. Broadbent, Utah


"It's nice to deal with a company that values it's customers and responds promptly. Thanks again."



"I really appreciate the vignette grading service that you offer...for me it's been my only source of feedback as to what I'm doing wrong. Thanks a bunch!!"

W. Adams, Oklahoma


"Thanks to your study materials, I passed all of my exams on the first go-round. Great products! I recommend it to everyone I can. Thanks!"

C. Pietrowiak, Illinois


"I just wanted to put into writing that I appreciate all the information that you supplied to me while I was taking the Graphic Divisions of the ARE. I passed all of the three tests the FIRST time around! I really do believe that the Norman Dorf Solutions Manual is the best reference out there for passing these tests. I've looked at others and they really didn't capture all the intricate details that were necessary to pass the exam. The questions and answers at the back of every section was 'priceless', as the saying goes. Also, in the main body of the text, it was unquestionably the best reference with regards to 'what and what not to do'. This really brought to life, and put into practice, what may appear to be obvious to the graders, but is critical information to the candidates."

T. Waldenmaier, California


"This is the best study aid out there for anyone aspiring to pass the A.R.E. Worth its weight in gold!"

J. Abernathy, Nevada


"Very impressed with question format, other flashcards I have seen are basically just vocabulary, but Archiflash helps you apply what you have learned and makes you think, much as the exam does. Great preparation tool!"

L. Thompson, Missouri


"This is just what I needed to prepare for my exam. Thanks for keeping things simple!"

A. Zimmer, Colorado


"They are great! What an invaluable set of information to help you pass the A.R.E. There is information in the cards that aren't covered in the study books and it helps tremendously. Will recommend highly!"

D. Stoever, New Jersey


"Archiflash was my ONLY study source and I passed every section at the very first attempt. I'll recommend Archiflash to everyone seriously facing the exam."

R.Acevedo, Florida


"Helped me pass the first time."

T.Hunsicker, Ohio


"The Archiflash cards are terrific!"

M. Goldman, New York


"The clearest, most concise study guide for the ARE I have found to date! Thanks!"

J. Miller, Wisconsin


"Great product. Best study tool I have found for getting information in manageable 'bite size' pieces."

M. Scanlon, California


"The best study tool I have purchased. Really makes you think of the answer instead of guessing from a multiple choice list."

H. Pettoni, New Jersey


"Great Job! Finally someone has made useful Q&A flashcards. Best material for taking the exam."

B. Linder, California


"Great fun and flashy way to study. Very educational tool!"

G. Aristud, Florida


"The information is clear and straight forward. This system is more appealing than reading a book. Great Idea!!"

R. Salazar, California


"Just wanted to let you know, thanks to your study materials, I passed all of my exams on the first go-round. Great product! I recommend it to everyone I can. Thanks!"



"Thank you very much! I have passed all graphic sections so far, so I may not need the grading, but I will let my friends know, Thank you! Your practice vignettes were of great help to me, unlike Kaplan's. Those cost 5 times as much and are totally useless."



"…I am a bad test taker and have to be way over-prepared to perform like a normal person during the exam. I do not know the results of this test yet but have high confidence in success… I was not asked or paid to post this message."

Tim M.


"…Solutions took the mystery out of the exam through detailed descriptions of the vignettes and the solutions that each required. I have used several other study guides, and found them lacking in one respect or another. Mr. Dorf's study guide, "Solutions," is head and shoulders above the rest. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has to take the Architect Registration Examination."

Christopher L. Boney
Associate AIA


"Dorf explained the pitfalls that trap most of us and some simple techniques to overcome them… "

Deborah S.
University of British Columbia


"I would like to compliment you on a wonderful product! I ordered Archiflash and passed all sections on the first attempt! Archiflash is certainly my saving grace! THANKS!"

D. Ducran, Texas


"The flashcards were very valuable in studying for the exam. I passed all 6 multiple choice exams. Thank you for creating them!"

J. Jackson, Washington DC


"These cards are the best! I passed every multiple choice section on the 1st try. I would look thru all the cards in 1 section in order once, and from there I'd break them up into smaller categories. Definitions, diagrams, sample problems...these cards covered it all!"

V.Chiang, New Jersey


"I passed all 9 sections of the A.R.E. on the first try! Archiflash was an important part of my study regimen. It's so easy to take the cards wherever you go. I found that co-workers and other candidates are eager to help quiz you when they see the cards!"

A. Gilley, Illinois


"They're the best! Flashcards are the best way to test one's knowledge and Archiflash helped me pass."

C. Quinn, Arizona


"It's a great tool! The information is concise enough to remember and I can study on the subway on my laptop!"

R. Georges, New York


"Archiflash could be the ultimate answer for studying for the A.R.E. I felt I knew the information well enough to teach it after using the cards."

D. Smith, Texas


"The flashcards are a great tool for studying. They make studying more fun since it feels like a game of trivial pursuit. The bite-size info makes it less daunting."

S. Alexander, Arizona


"I used your cards to study for Pre-Design and they were very helpful. I passed! So, I decided to use them for my remaining sections."

A. Wright, New York


"There is so much information to study. Archiflash gave me some direction. It helped me to identify a focal point for studying. When using them studying can actually be fun and informative."

D. Hawkins, Kentucky


"Archiflash has been a wonderful addition to my studying habits. Informative, concise, a great tool!"

B. Huttman, New York


"Passed first time! Your system was great."

R. Rice, Georgia


"I passed all the multiple choice divisions the first time. Archiflash cards are remarkably specific in their content yet surprisingly easy to use. This product is the perfect mnemonic preparation tool for a test like the ARE"

A. Krantz, Florida


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