Lately a number of candidates have inquired about ARE 5.0 study material. Keep in mind that ARE 4.0 will continue until June, 2018 (at least 18 months after the launch of ARE 5.0), so there’s plenty of time to test under the familiar ARE 4.0 format.


If you want to think ahead about a possible transition to 5.0, you should focus on taking and passing CDS, PPP and SPD first. Check out this ARE Blog post for more info.


Remember, as long as you have your eligibility to test prior to the launch of ARE 5.0 you will have the option to test in 4.0 or transition to 5.0 at any time until June 2018. This gives you the opportunity to hear about other candidates' experience with the new Architect Registration Exam, as well as initial ARE 5.0 pass rates. In the meantime, keep testing!

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