According to NCARB and ARE 5.0 candidates, Archiflash for ARE 4.0 can be used successfully to study for ARE 5.0. While NALSA continues to develop new ARE 5.0 content and study tools, here’s an Archiflash study tip from successful ARE 5.0 candidates. Sort and study! As a bonus, the process of sorting the cards helps you study.


Which ARE 5.0 division are you taking?


Related ARE 4.0 Divisions  
 ARE 5.0 Divisions ARE 4.0 Divisions 
 Practice Management PPP + SPD + CDS 
 Project Management PPP + SPD + CDS
Programming & Analysis PPP + SPD
Project Planning & Design SPD + BDCS + SS + BS
Project Development & Documentation CDS + BDCS + SS + BS
Construction & Evaluation CDS

 If You're Using Archiflash Desktop

1. Select the related 4.0 division(s) from the chart above, and click “START.” You can also use the “Content Areas” button to select specific topics.

2. When you encounter a card related to your ARE 5.0 division, create a new ARE 5.0 division deck by clicking the “Create/Add” button and name it after that 5.0 division. For each additional related card, simply add them to that new deck.

3. Then you can study all the cards in your new ARE 5.0 deck by selecting it from the “My Decks” list. Repeat for each ARE 5.0 division.



If You're Using Archiflash for iPhone/iPad:

1. Select a related 4.0 division, and click “START.”

2. When you encounter a card related to your ARE 5.0 division, click the “Bookmark” icon. Do the same in any related division.

3. Then, to study for your ARE 5.0 division, click on “Bookmarks.”




Good luck from the NALSA crew!

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