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Architect Registration Exam study materials that empower you to get licensed.

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For over 21 years NALSA has focused solely on Architect Registration Exam test preparation. We have the most effective, engaging and proven study materials available. We are continually working to create ARE study tools that will empower you to pass the Architect Registration Exam. Our mission is to help you PASS THE ARE and get on with your life and career as a licensed architect.

Smart, Efficient and Effective. Our Architect Registration Exam study materials; Archiflash–Multiple-Choice Study System, Solutions Book, Online Insight Video Series–Demystifying the ARE Graphic Vignettes, Alternate Practice Vignettes to be used with the NCARB software, Vignette Grading, Workbooks and ARE Candidate cARE are second to none!

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FREE ARE Support

In addition to our study tools, we're here to answer your questions about the ARE Exam, our unsurpassed ARE study materials, ARE study methods, etc., from the general to the specific. Benefit from our 20 years of experience and expertise to guide you through the entire Architect Registration Exam process! Our one-on-one candidate support is always FREE. 

We know there are many options out there and new ones are popping up all the time. Welcome. You've come to the right place. NALSA has helped tens of thousands of candidates like you successfully complete the ARE. We've been doing this for a long time, we know how to help you, and we do it well. How do we know this? Because candidates tell us all the time. We are thrilled each time we're told "I passed! Thanks!"

We look forward to hearing from you too!


What candidates are saying...

"Thanks to your study materials, I passed all of my exams on the first go-round. Great products! I recommend it to everyone I can. Thanks!"

                   - C. Pietrowiak

"Want to thank you again for all the help you offered me over the many months I took the exams. I want you to know I received my license and want to tip my hat to you for all the help. Glad its over."

                   - W. Mellinger

"Archiflash- fabulous, extraordinary, informative and unambiguous. Prof. Dorf Videos- truly de-mystifying. Worth every single penny."

                   - L. Maron

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