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What You Get

Our Complete cARE Package is the best and most trusted ARE study system available. Our fine-tuned study tools, personal exam support, and more than 20 years of experience, provide you with everything you need to PASS THE ARE. 




  • Archiflash Desktop Software – Comprehensive Multiple-Choice Study System for all divisions
  • Solutions Book – Understanding the Graphic Vignettes of the ARE
  • Insight – Demystifying the Graphic Vignettes of the ARE – Online video series
  • Alternate Practice Vignettes – To be solved using the NCARB software
  • Paper & Pencil Practice Vignettes – Strengthen your vignette skills
  • AREvaluations – We grade your solutions to each NALSA & NCARB vignette (22 in total)
  • The Evaluator Workbooks – You evaluate and grade sample solutions
  • Personalized One-on-One Candidate cARE – We'll guide you every step of the way


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How It Will Help You

The Complete cARE Package includes everything you need to conquer the multiple choice and graphic vignettes for all seven divisions of the ARE. Each of our study materials are unique and they are designed to work together in sequence to help you learn, practice and pass. In our experience, candidates who use our entire study system have a higher rate of attaining licensure. All of our study tools, aside from our Solutions book, are accessible online anytime so you can study at your own pace. There are no time limitations. Your study tools are there when you need them, and we are too. 



Archiflash Desktop is the most comprehensive, concise, and effective multiple-choice study system, brought to you in a flashcard format. The alternative to hitting the books, this dynamic and interactive study tool will dramatically increase your understanding and retention of what you really need to know to PASS THE ARE. To optimize your valuable study time, Archiflash is designed to help you learn relevant exam content in manageable bites. Archiflash covers each multiple-choice section of the ARE, packed with more information than you ever thought possible in an easy to use flashcard format.  

  • Study by ARE division or multiple divisions at once
  • Study with diagrams, charts, definitions, Q&A, multiple-choice, equations, etc.
  • Study by Content Area: codes & regulations, materials & technology, wind forces, etc
  • Search Keywords and Phrases – study specific concepts
  • Shuffle Deck – learn the information, avoid memorizing based on card order
  • My Decks – group cards into your own decks for easy reference
  • Study Front to Back, Back to Front – challenge your understanding
  • Save Your Place - pick up where you left off
  • Mac & PC compatible Desktop/Laptop software - 90 MB of free space required
  • Free software updates containing new and revised content



At 240 pages the Solutions book covers all eleven graphic vignettes and is the only reference book you’ll need for the graphic vignettes. With focused clarity, Solutions walks you through two unique examples of how to approach and solve each of the eleven vignettes successfully. This thorough analysis is like a how-to manual for the graphic vignettes and includes:

  • A comprehensive introduction to the vignette format, computer scoring, and more.
  • Considerations, recommendations and strategies for each of the 11 vignettes
  • Two sample problems for each of the 11 vignettes
  • Annotated passing and failing solutions
  • Vignette solutions are in color just like the ARE
  • Dozens of frequently asked questions
  • Fully annotated Directions, Program and Code highlights key issues
  • Time-saving tips and tricks
  • Potentially fatal errors
  • Ships to you via UPS



Insight is Professor Norman Dorf's legendary 7-hour lecture covering every graphic vignette of the ARE. You’ll benefit from the expertise of an ARE pioneer and learn his proven method of solving the vignettes successfully. No travel necessary. Watch and learn anytime from the comfort and convenience of your home or office. Each vignette lecture is available to watch individually, through your “My Account” page at The complete series includes:

  • Immediate access from your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices
  • Video Vignettes, a 35 page reference document for all problems solved
  • A 40 minute comprehensive Introduction
  • Video for each graphic vignette (various lengths)
  • Strategies, tips and short-cuts
  • Potentially fatal errors
  • Drawings, charts, diagrams, calculations
  • Hundreds of informative images
  • View each video up to 4 times total from 3 devices - never expires. One license per candidate. For group viewing click here



The NALSA Practice Vignettes are alternate problems to those provided by NCARB to be solved using their practice software. We have modified the Directions, Program, and Code requirements to create unique practice problems which require you to produce entirely different solutions. Solve the problems in this document using the NCARB software. The document is available to print immediately through your account and includes:

  • Introduction and step-by-step directions
  • One unique practice problem for each vignette
  • Sample annotated passing solutions to each vignette
  • Sample annotated failing solutions to each vignette
  • 3D analysis of each passing solution
  • Directions for submitting your solutions to NALSA for AREvaluations (grading)
  • Documents are to be printed. Available to view online up to 6 times.



The NALSA Paper & Pencil Practice Vignettes are documents that contain two unique sample problems for each of the graphic vignettes. These problems will help strengthen your ability to read and analyze the program, improve your understanding of the passing solutions, and more. Compare the Directions, Program and Code to the corresponding sample passing solutions to see how these unique problems can be solved successfully. The documents are available to print immediately through your account and include:

  • Introduction and directions
  • Two unique practice problems for each vignette
  • A sample annotated passing solution to each vignette


AREVALUATIONS (e-booklets)

Our exclusive AREvaluations are personal reviews of your solutions to the NCARB and NALSA practice vignettes. The only way to know how well your solutions have addressed the program requirements is to have them properly and thoroughly graded. Our graders will evaluate every aspect of your solutions and provide you with valuable feedback on each program requirement. The AREvaluations highlight exactly what you‘ve done right and wrong. Upload your solutions through your "My Account" page and within a few short days your AREvaluation will be available to download. AREvaluations provide the following:


  • One AREvaluation for each NCARB and NALSA practice vignette (22 in total)
  • Your solutions receive a Passing, Marginal, or Failing grade
  • Each programmed element receives an Acceptable, Intermediate, or Unacceptable evaluation
  • Identifies the elements of your solution which were successful and what mistakes to avoid in the future.
  • Valuable feedback
  • Turn-around time is approximately 1-2 days



The Evaluator Workbook helps you understand the 'how and why' of solving the NCARB practice vignettes successfully. You become the grader by analyzing different sample solutions to each vignette. Evaluate each solution as: Passing, Marginal, or Failing. This document is available to print immediately through your "My Account" page and includes:

  • Introduction and directions
  • Annotated NCARB Directions, Program and Code helps clarify key issues
  • Six different sample solutions to each NCARB practice vignette
  • A Solution Evaluation Form on which to record errors found in each solution
  • Solution Evaluation Answer Key
  • Sample annotated passing solution
  • 3D passing solutions images



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