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Complete Graphics Online Video Series

What is it?

Insight - Demystifying the Graphic Vignettes of the ARE, is Professor Norman Dorf's legendary 7 hour lecture covering every graphic vignette of the ARE, available to watch individually online anytime, through your “My Account” page at Each vignette lecture can also be purchased individually here . The complete series includes:

  • Immediate online viewing
  • Video Vignettes, a 35 page reference document to follow along with the problems solved throughout the series.
  • A 40 minute comprehensive Introduction
  • Site Zoning Vignette: 19 minutes
  • Site Grading Vignette: 24 minutes
  • Site Design Vignette: 48 minutes
  • Accessibility/Ramp Vignette: 21 minutes
  • Stair Design Vignette: 28 minutes
  • Roof Plan Vignette: 22 minutes
  • Interior Layout Vignette: 45 minutes
  • Building Layout Vignette: 71 minutes
  • Structural Layout Vignette: 18 minutes
  • Mechanical & Electrical Plan Vignette: 38 minutes
  • Building Section Vignette: 34 minutes
  • Strategies, tips and short-cuts
  • Potentially fatal errors
  • Drawings, charts, diagrams, calculations
  • Hundreds of informative images
  • View each video up to 4 times total from 2 computers - never expires. One license per candidate. For group viewing click here



How will it help me?

Insight offers the benefits of Professor Dorf’s celebrated live lecture at your convenience. You’ll benefit from the expertise of an ARE pioneer and learn his proven method of solving the vignettes successfully. No travel necessary. Watch and learn anytime from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.


How do I use it?

Log in to your account at and on your “My Account” page, click the "Insight Video" image. Print the Video Vignettes document for reference. For a comprehensive overview, click the link for the Introduction video. Then click the link for the vignette you want to study. A video player will open and you can play, pause, rewind, etc.


When do I watch it?

Watch these videos in conjunction with reading the Solutions book, prior to solving the NCARB practice vignettes.



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