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Building Systems Vignette Package



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This Vignette Package includes instant online access to the following, at a 15% discount:


Used with the AREssentials;  Archiflash Desktop and the Solutions book, this Vignette Package contains everything you need to conquer the Building Systems division.




Insight - Building Systems

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This Insight Video lecture for the Building Systems division includes:

  • Immediate access from your desktop, laptop and mobile devices
  • A 40 minute comprehensive Introduction to the ARE Graphic Vignettes
  • Mechanical & Electrical Plan Vignette video: 38 minutes
  • Video Vignettes: Solutions & Analysis, a 35 page reference document that contains the programmatic information and solution to the vignettes presented in the lecture.
  • View each video up to 4 times total, from 3 devices. Never expires. One license per candidate. For group viewing click here


Insight - Demystifying the Graphic Vignettes of the ARE, is NALSA's online video series featuring Professor Norman Dorf's legendary graphics workshop. The video is specifically for the Mechanical & Electrical Plan vignette and is available anytime, through your “My Account” page at



Practice Vignette - Building Systems

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The NALSA Practice Vignettes are alternate problems to those provided in the NCARB practice software.


This Practice Vignette e-Booklet includes:

  • Introduction and directions
  • One unique practice problem for the Mechanical & Electrical Plan vignette
  • A Sample annotated passing solution to the vignette
  • A Sample annotated failing solution to the vignette
  • 3D model passing solution images


The problem in this document is specific to the Mechanical & Electrical Plan vignette and is to be solved using the existing NCARB software. We have modified the NCARB Directions, Program, and Code requirements to create a unique practice problem. While using the NCARB base drawing, the NALSA problem requires you to produce a different solution.



Paper & Pencil - Building Systems


The NALSA Paper & Pencil Practice Vignette document contains two unique sample problems for the Mechanical & Electrical Plan vignette. Learn more about Paper & Pencil Practice Vignettes here.

The Paper & Pencil Practice Vignette e-booklet includes:

  • Introduction and directions
  • Two unique practice problems for the Mechanical & Electrical Plan vignette
  • Sample annotated passing solutions to each vignette



Mechanical & Electrical Plan - NCARB

Mechanical & Electrical Plan - NALSA

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AREvaluations provide the following:

  • Your solution receives an overall PassingMarginal, or Failing grade
  • Each programmed element receives an AcceptableIntermediate, or Unacceptable evaluation
  • Identifies your strengths and weaknesses
  • Valuable feedback
  • Turn-around time is 1-2 days


Our exclusive AREvaluations are personal reviews of your solution to the NCARB or NALSA Mechanical & Electrical Plan practice vignette. Upload your solutions through your "My Account" page.



Building Systems - Workbook

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The Evaluator Workbook e-booklet includes:

  • Introduction and directions
  • Annotated NCARB Directions, Program and Code helps clarify key issues
  • Six different sample solutions to the NCARB Mechanical & Electrical Plan vignette
  • A Solution Evaluation Form on which to record errors found in each solution
  • Solution Evaluation Answer Key
  • Sample annotated passing solution
  • 3D passing solutions images


You become the grader by analyzing six different solutions to the NCARB vignette. Evaluate each solution as Passing, Marginal or Failing.




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