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Site Planning & Design Vignette Package



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This Vignette Package includes instant online access to the following, at a 15% discount:

  • Insight Videos - Vignette Videos for the Site Grading and Site Design vignettes & Video Vignette e-booklet
  • NALSA Practice Vignette (Updated for new 2013 NCARB Exam Guidelines.)
  • NALSA Paper & Pencil Practice Vignettes
  • AREvaluations - Vignette Grading of your solutions to the NCARB & NALSA Practice Vignettes
  • The Evaluator Workbook
  • Personalized Candidate cARE - we're here to guide you through the entire ARE process.


Used with the AREssentials; Archiflash Desktop and the Solutions book, this Vignette Package contains everything you need to conquer the Site Planning & Design division. 



Insight - Site Planning & Design


Insight - Demystifying the Graphic Vignettes of the ARE, is NALSA's online video series featuring Professor Norman Dorf's legendary graphics workshop. The Site Planning & Design videos are specifically for the Site Grading and Site Design vignettes and are available anytime, through your “My Account” page at


Learn more about the Insight Video Series here.


This Insight Video lecture for the Site Planning & Design division includes:

  • Immediate access from your desktop, laptop and mobile devices
  • A 40 minute comprehensive Introduction to the ARE Graphic Vignettes
  • Site Grading Vignette video: 24 minutes
  • Site Design Vignette video: 48 minutes
  • Video Vignettes: Solutions & Analysis, a 35 page reference document that contains the programmatic information and solution to the vignettes presented in the lecture.
  • View each video up to 4 times total, from 3 devices. Never expires. One license per candidate. For group viewing click here








Practice Vignette - Site Planning & Design


The NALSA Practice Vignettes are alternate problems to those provided in the NCARB practice software. The problem in this document is specific to the Site Grading and Site Design vignettes and is to be solved using the existing NCARB software. We have modified the NCARB Directions, Program, and Code requirements to create a unique practice problem. While using the NCARB base drawing, the NALSA problem requires you to produce a different solution. Learn more about Practice Vignettes here.

This Practice Vignette e-Booklet includes:

  • Introduction and directions
  • One unique practice problem for the Site Grading and Site Design vignettes
  • A Sample annotated passing solution to each vignette
  • A Sample annotated failing solution to each vignette
  • 3D model images of the passing solutions
  • Updated for the 2013 NCARB Exam Guide changes.








Paper & Pencil - Site Planning & Design


The NALSA Paper & Pencil Practice Vignette document contains two unique sample problems for the Site Grading and Site Design vignettes. Learn more about Paper & Pencil Practice Vignettes here.

The Paper & Pencil Practice Vignette e-booklet includes:

  • Introduction and directions
  • Two unique sample problems for the Site Grading vignette
  • Two unique sample problems for the Site Design vignette
  • Sample annotated passing solutions to each vignette



Site Grading - NCARB

Site Grading - NALSA

Site Design - NCARB

Site Design - NALSA


Our exclusive AREvaluations are personal reviews of your solution to the NCARB or NALSA Site Grading and Site Design practice vignette. Upload your solutions through your "My Account" page. Learn more about AREvaluations here.

AREvaluations provide the following:

  • Your solution receives an overall PassingMarginal, or Failing grade
  • Each programmed element receives an AcceptableIntermediate, or Unacceptable evaluation
  • Identifies your strengths and weaknesses
  • Valuable feedback
  • Turn-around time is 2-3 days








Site Planning & Design - Workbook


You become the grader by analyzing six different solutions to the NCARB vignette.  Evaluate each solution as PassingMarginal or FailingLearn more about Evaluator Workbooks here.

The Evaluator Workbook e-booklet includes:

    • Introduction and directions
    • Annotated NCARB Directions, Program and Code helps clarify key issues
    • Six different sample solutions to the NCARB Site Grading and Site Design vignettes
    • A Solution Evaluation Form on which to record errors found in each solution
    • Solution Evaluation Answer Key
    • Sample annotated passing solution
    • 3D model passing solution images








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